Follow the Contender Guide in the PvP World and Buy Swtor Cheap Gold
2024-01-24 23:30:57

It's usually hard for a fresh ungeared level to complete in the PvP arenas, because the players you are going to against are much more skilled and geared than you. The swtor credit farming guide is what you need. Also, now there is a guide created by the players that you can follow to become a contender in the PvP world.


Daillies, Commendations, and Valor


First, swtor buy credit will be helpful. Then, learning how to navigate the maps and how to successfully complete game-winning mission objectives will be your first goal. Your secondary goals are to reach Valor Rank 40+ and to collect your commendations. Next, you need to get your Daillies done. Every time you complete a Daily, you will receive a reward. Daily rewards grant you with commendations, and these will become very helpful in buying your equipment faster.


Gearing up for Warzones


First, you need to start buying a set of Partisan gear from the PvP vendor and make sure to buy the right gear for your class. 

Second, you need to fill out your modable gear with PvP armorings/mods/enhancements. It's often suggested that you start with the most expensive pieces because they often offer the largest boost to your potential stat increase. Another route is to simply buy the cheapest pieces first to ensure that you increase in prowess quicker.

Third, you need to exchange both the Partisan piece and ranked warzone commendations in order to convert Partisan into Conqueror. Don't forget to make sure you remove your mods from your Partisan armor before converting the armor into Conqueror gear.




It's an essential PvP stat that is critical in maximizing the effectiveness of your PvP prowess, which means that for every point of expertise, your PvP bonus damage/healing/defense increase point for point whether you're at 1 point or 2017 points. Also, you are allowed to trade some expertise for other stats like power.


Joining a Guild


There is no doubt that working as a group can certainly help increase your effectiveness, or at the very least, teach your group how to work better as a team in the event you are all lacking in skills. Working as a team is the heart of what swtor PvP is based around, so communicating with your team is essential.


Consumables, Rotations, Buffs, and Skills


1. Learn to be intimate with all of your skills, and your consumables.

2. Stims are an easy way to boost your stats. 

3. Medpacks and adrenals are invaluable in the middle of a fight because they can increase your health by 35% and decrease damage by 15% with a 90 second cool down.

4. You need to be able to self-apply all four of these buffs every time you die. 

5. It will be helpful if you utilize one of the PvP "Training Dummies" to help yourself maximize your rotation effectiveness.


Maybe you will not be successful at the first try. But never get discouraged when you die a bunch of times. You need to fail before you can succeed. We'd like to provide swtor cheap gold buy to be your biggest supporter. Sure you will become a contender in the PvP world some day!

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