How could I get Discount Coupon Bonus from have absolutely the lowest price
2024-01-18 16:10:15

Q:How could I get coupon from

A: since we have absolutely the lowest price in the whole market and as feed-back to our valued customers we have a variety of promotion on our site, you may also find official coupon and discount codes shared on some coupon sites.


Q: Are there any discount for bulk orders?

A: YES. Please contact us via email or our Live Help for large order discounts. Additionally, we recommend you use Money Order or Wire Tranfer as the payment method for bulk order. Or you can contact us by for discount code. You can use the discount code to purchase anything on our site for any game.


Q: I created a new user name on, does my previous purchase history accumulated under this new user name?

A: We recognize per user by username, if you change a username, the coupon will be calculated under the new one. The previous amount will be stopped automatically.


Q: Can I use the $20 coupon code in a few times?

A: Sorry, one coupon code can only be used once on one order, you can't use partial amounts at different order times.


Q: Differences of coupon, discount and bonus of

A:Coupon, is usually rewarded to our loyal customers, which can be used to get extra amount bond to the order.

Discount, a gift for our new-coming customers, is used for the deduction from the fixed price products by percent. You need to input the code in the discount code blank and the total amount would be discounted when checking out.

Bonus, is what we rewarded our registered customers and if you place an order from us, after the transaction is done, you will own the Bonus Dollars from our site and it will be sent to your registered account automaticlly.


Q: What is Bonus Dollar?

A: As a way to acknowledge the extended support from all of our great customers, our company newly launched a brand new returning system----Bonus Dollar. Bonus Dollars can be used to consume any currency for all game at


Q: How to get Bonus Dollars?

A:Register an account on If you have already been our member, please disregard this request. Your every consumption on our website will be recorded,  Bonus Dollars will be added to your account automatically in return for your extended support to our website. You can check your Bonus Dollar status on our website anytime.


Q: How to use Bonus Dollars?

A:Bonus Dollar is a special paying system launched by All members can use Bonus Dollars to pay for your orders. All the preferential treatment posted by will be returned to customers, with which you can pay your orders by Bonus Dollars freely at

When log in the system, you will firstly see your currency Bonus Dollar Account information in user system on the right panel. 

When you are shopping, the Shopping Cart System will automatically show the balance in your shopping cart. Entering the 'Payment Information' page, you will be shown with a new paying system--- Bonus Dollar Pay.


Q: How to check your Bonus Dollar balance?

A:Please login to your account on our website, and click the Bonus Dollars to check your balance.


Q: I didn't receive my Bonus Dollars after my checkout? Why?

A:Bonus points are credited to your account balance only after your purchase is arrived to you. Coupon code cannot be combined with any other offer such like Bonus Dollar.

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