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Star Wars--Guide To Companions' Crew Skill Benefits

This page is a quick short guide that will go over every Crew Skill bonus that each classes' companion's have. The guide will be broken down via Republic and Empire than further by each class. A few important notes of information, you shouldn't pick your class based on what Crew Skill your companions can do best, sure it's a nice help but they won't make or break the game for you. Another thing is you can not change what your companion's specialize in. What you see is what you get.

As for your final and probably most common question, what do these extra bonus' even do? Depending on what type of bonus it is, will determine what it does. For example some are something like +10 Slicing and another would be +1 Slicing Crit Chance. The first one of +10 will decrease the chance of failing a mission as well as allow you to gather more higher level items in the wild (good for slackers and those who want a wee bit of a head start). The second one, the crit chance, increases the chance of critting on a mission and receiving something

Republic Classes

Jedi Consular--Qyzen Fess

In contrast to many Trandoshans, Qyzen Fess rejected the path of a mercenary to become a hunter of the galaxy's most dangerous beasts. Earning "Jagannath points" with every honorable kill, Qyzen has traveled for years, seeking worthy prey and honoring his goddess, the Scorekeeper. Although his travels have brought him to Tython several times, he is never seen by the Jedi if Yuon Par is not at the temple. 

Despite his disdain of fame and fortune, Qyzen has attracted some notoriety. He often slips through apparently watertight Imperial borders to follow his prey, much to the consternation of the Empire's officials. Qyzen is also the only living hunter to have killed a greater crested gundark, thought extinct for centuries. His simple habits and devotion to the Scorekeeper give him common ground with the Jedi, though many disapprove of the attitudes and instincts that come naturally to a Trandoshan.

Likes: Killing powerful enemies, encouraging others to defend themselves, danger, honor
Dislikes: Killing the weak, mercenary work, sparing powerful enemies

Primary Stat: Aim
Secondary Stat: Endurance

Primary Weapon: Vibrosword
Secondary Weapon: Shield Generator

Gifts That Qyzen Fess Likes

Gourmet Ration PackGourmet Ration Pack 

Omni-Vision Battlefield RelayOmni-Vision Battlefield Relay 

Aratech Reconstruction ToolkitAratech Reconstruction Toolkit 

Vial of Gree Nanite PasteVial of Gree Nanite Paste 

Assassin Droid Target HistoryAssassin Droid Target History 

Drayen Hyperspace Smuggling RoutesDrayen Hyperspace Smuggling Routes 

Energy Blade BayonetEnergy Blade Bayonet

Unique Rakata GrenadeUnique Rakata Grenade


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