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Swtor Crew Skill Guides

There are quite a few different professions players are able to choose from in Swtor, so many in fact that they are broken into three different sections, Gathering Skills, Crafting Skills and Mission Skills. Each of the three groups are rather self explanatory, the only one that may be a little confusing is Mission Skills, but I explain that later on in the guide. Professions in Swtor work just like the professions in every other MMORPG out there, with one giant exception.

           Bioware calls the profession skills in Swtor "Crew Skills". The reason for this is because you share your ability to craft and gather items with all of your companions, also known as your crew. The way Bioware set up the profession system in Swtor is really quite interesting and unique. The Crew Skills system allows your Crew members to gather, craft and accept/perform missions on your behalf. As they gather resources or complete missions you and the other crew members will receive a variety of benefits and rewards.

           For example, say you are fighting a group of monsters on one end of a field and you see a plant which can be gathered using Bioanalysis on the other end of the right. If you right click this plant it will send your companion over to gather the plant as you are fighting the pack of monsters. Pretty cool, huh? Below is an informative video added by Bioware on how Crew Skills work.

           The Starship that you own is the base camp for you and your crew. One of the more interesting features about Crew Skills is that while you are busy exploring the galaxy and completing different missions and objectives you are able to relay orders back to your ship and crew. You can order your crew to perform tasks such as gathering resources, crafting items inside your Starship or to embark on special missions using the "Mission Skills". Certain companions are better at certain things than other companions, all depending on what their personal background is and what their affection level for you is.

           You will only be able to select 3 Crew Skills for you and your team to train in, so choose wisely! If you choose the wrong skill or just want a change you can unlearn one and pick up another one but you will have to start over from 1 in the skill. If you're not looking for anything in particular and just want Crew Skills that will make you a lot of money I recommend going with all three Gathering Skills (Maybe one Mission Skill instead, I did not get enough time to test them before beta ended). I'd recommend, Slicing, Bioanalysis and Scavenging. Or if you'd like to try a Mission Skill drop Scavenging and get Diplomacy

Gathering Skills

           While exploring the galaxy you'll uncover a large variety of materials that are used in the Crafting Skills. In order for you or your crew to gather the raw materials they first must have the appropriate Gathering Skill. Below is a list of every Gathering Skill available in the game and exactly what each skill will allow you to gather and what each gather will reward you with. The items you find through gathering can be sold on the Auction House for profit or used in the Crafting Skills to make yourself better gear, weapons or modifications.


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