How to trade Swtor Credits ?


1,We can't trade you if your account is free account! 

2,One character's inventory only keep 4200M Swtor Credits! 

If more then 4200M, will be lost!Please Be Careful!

>>1 B = 1000 M = 1000 000 K = 1000 000 000 Swtor Credits<<

Swtor Credits Trade Methods:

1-->InGame Mail:  

1)After we send Swtor Gold to you, Because Swtor game mail system delay 30 minutes, so you will get your Swtor Credits after 30 minutes.

2)If you are new player, this method maybe you lost Swtor Gold, if you can't be carefully collect Swtor Credits,but don't worry,We have more methods for safe delivery! 

I choosed "InGame Mail" Trade method buy SWTOR GOLD,How to collect CREDITS SAFE?

First, find mailbox, then click it, you can find this mailbox content:

how to buy swtor credits.png

Second, check this screenshots, you can easy and safe to get your SWTOR CREDITS:

how to collect swtor credits.png

2-->Face to Face Trade:

1)We suggest to choose this method if your Swtor Credits more than 4000M, safe and fast delivery!

2)After we verify your order, our sender will invite you to stronghold for trade in short time, Maybe you need to pay the travel commission( travel fee), the most 2000 Swtor Credits, but if you worry about it, you can tell our sender when you trade, he will give you that time. If pass that time, we can't give you again. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

3-->Auction House Trade:  

1)We need verify your items name and quantity on auction house, so need you are online, and keep contact with us any time.

2)We need more than 6 hours for buy your items after we verify your items and quantity of Swtor Credits.

3)Very Safe, but not Fast.

Dear friend : when you ordering, please keep any information is correct,

If you give us wrong order's information,maybe you will not get your Swtor Gold, Please be careful!