Why need sign up on MmoMK.com?

Register on MmoMK.com,get more extra discount bonus!

Vip1: Presentation 1% Purchase amount: ≥300.00$Vip2: Presentation 2% Purchase amount: ≥1000.00$Vip3: Presentation 3% Purchase amount: ≥4000.00$

Vip4: Presentation 4% Purchase amount: ≥10000.00$Vip5: Presentation 5% Purchase amount: ≥20000.00$

Except using the coupons, more discount for orders are available for all registered members on MmoMK.com. Our Member Center has upgraded to help customers to earn more extra discount for orders, follow the given steps below to get certain discount and use them directly when you place orders at our website.

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How to get Member discounts for your order

1) First, you have to Sign Up our membership on our site and Log In your account before making order on MmoMK.com

2) Your total consumption for your orders determines your Member level which dictates the discount rate you can get.

3) You can go to the Member Center to check your Member level and discount rate.


There are five member levels with different discount rates in our store:

VIP 1Your consumption is ≥ 300 USD, you will get 1% discount when you make new orders.

VIP 2: Your consumption is ≥ 1000 USD and < 4000 USD, you will get 2% discount when you make new orders.

VIP 3: Your consumption is ≥ 4000 USD and < 10000 USD, you will get 3% discount when you make new orders.

VIP 4: Your consumption is ≥ 10000 USD and < 20000USD, you will get 4% discount when you make new orders.

VIP 5: Your consumption is ≥ 20000 USD, you will get 5% discount when you make new orders.

How to use your Member Discount for new orders?

1) Log In your account before making order on MmoMK.com

2) Go to make your order, your Member Discount will be used to reduce the payment automatically.

3) You could use Discount Coupon and Member Discount at the same time!

Terms and Conditions:
1. The original V.I.P level remains unchanged, while the discount is subject to the new one.
2. Our customers who had already become our V.I.P will enjoy this policy according to their total consumption.
3. All Rights Resever to MmoMK.com

4. If you have any question on shopping or our service, please contact your Personal VIP Representative!

Via: mmomk@hotmail.com /  Live Chat (7x24 ) .